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Honestly I think it takes way too much time to add in some of the additional and frankly wonderful sounds and instruments that come in later. I would say try to have some elements come in sooner and find a way to alternate your instruments so that you're not just adding them in as time goes on.
This way your listeners will get more entertainment sooner as a standalone piece.

And when you alternate your instruments between sections you could create a variance in experience, for example contrast or tension are good concepts to approach music with.

Otherwise as it stands this song is great and could be mixed in with any dance mix. Of which, if you want people to use your music in DJ mixes ever in the future, include the tempo/bpm in the description or tag- sure you can just hear the tempo or time it out but when searching for material in my experience people search for the bpm and find material quicker.

DaRealWollen responds:

Wow thanks :D I really didn't think much in this song, other than wanting to try and mimic some styles i've heard. I'll do the things you said in upcoming songs. Probably just redo this song :D thanks man.

Would be a great song if you adjusted the volume levels.
Everything is fighting for room in this mix, and it's not working out.
On top of all of that, a compressor on your Master Insert/Output would
be great for making sure absolutely nothing is clipping.

slaleky responds:

Thanks for the advice man, but there was no EQ or anything used on this, it was written with the 'authentic chiptune aesthetic' in mind, and there is a limiter on the master output, nothing is clipping if you're hearing distortion its probably just part of the sound ^.^

The progression of the song itself isn't that bad.
Most of the song is open and vacant from much of anything to listen to.
Mix in some high hats with your Kick and Snare.
Give them a little shuffle so they're not too mechanical sounding.

While your bass is loud and powerful, there's still vacant space beneath it.
I recommend finding some deep subs to play under your bass.

Some of the synths are too loud and over-ruling over the other sounds.
Some volume mixing shouldn't hurt.

As well some things like digital strings or pads could help you fill in those vacant spaces.
I could see you using pads for a climatic introduction.

Anyways, good luck!

3/5 for undecided

EnterPrize responds:

This is a old song check out the new one!

My head didn't explode literally, but some thoughts and critique did.

Your bass and drums are exceptional, I like what you've got going on here.
However it didn't quite do it for me. There isn't much else going on aside from a filtered noise pad and growling sound effect.

Some strings or pads with Side-chaining to the kick would work really great.
Maybe some synths in the higher bandwidth in stabs or arpeggio to fill in some of the frequency gap between the noise pad and bass you could really give this song more flavor.

Aside from that, I would like to direct your attention to the introduction. It's pretty empty right now. There's lots of things you could do with it, from voice samples to your higher bandwidth instruments introduction to provide familiarity for when the bass comes in.

There's lots of potential you have going on here, I'd love to see where else you can take it from here!

DetiousMusic responds:

I'm planning on adding all of that! i just like to upload my tracks post-production so people like you can give me some pointers oi what I should add/take away. I'll see what I can do man! :D

Extremely beautiful music in melody and composition.

Very addicting, Just had to stay for the whole song.

I've been listening for hours and hours, it seems to make animating more relaxing. Sounds like a bunch of DSK VTSs which is well, they sound good, I like them.

Awesome job, sounds fresh and breezy. love the guitar and tablas.

NinjaOnShrooms responds:

Thank you, and I had to google what dsk was, thank you for that too. I think I would like to add these plugins to my arsenal.

I'm enjoying it in over-all.
There's some saturation and popping from the instruments you might want to mix out a little bit so they're not present on playback systems with a normally high-shelf frequencies.

Some mixing would really really add to this.
I could see this being a hit with some mastering after a proper mixdown as well.

It's a very dark deep trance you have going otherwise.
Very different from most of the mainstream. I like that.

I don't really know what else to say.

3.5 stars, voted 4.

Lots of blots in the talking.
Try putting a shirt or sock over the microphone to prevent breath or wind from distorting your talking.
Also recording a distance from the microphone helps.

I enjoyed the music in back.

I'm kinda neutral on this.
2.5 stars, voted 3.

formermom responds:

Thanks for the advice:D

IT was all recorded with a guitar hero mic
and put together in fl demo,

I like making songs like this:D

I liked the side chaining that came in. The melody is nice, got me listening into it deeper.
So far so good the composure is really nice, I can hear you put allot of thought into what you're doing.

One thing that gets annoying is when the two instruments are playing with eachother, the sine and the saw.
Around 1:26 in.
They're cutting eachother out making eachother quieter when they're playing near the same frequencies. This made listening to these areas stressful to focus on making my ears tired trying to listen to them until one cuts out.

Try to get a balance between the volumes so they're not battling eachother for room to play.

3.5 stars, voted 4.

Cmdtrigun responds:

Thanks for the advice! I'm always really happy when people leave comments. I'll go back and try to tweak what you're talking about, you make a good point.


It's just thumping away in my headphones.
I love the melody and how it matches up with the title.

Keep on going to the top!

gavkay21 responds:

Its a long ay to the top if ya wanna rock and roll :)

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