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Entertaining tale that's true to life...

...Mine had a mandatory software update and bricked on me.

The introduction to your animation is very stylish.
Very cachy choice in music, gives the animation a nice flow.

Smoke and dust was a little repetitive somehow, you put your time into making it and it does look pretty damn good. A little more variation could help it out more with the dust during the struggle in the beginning.
I'll emphasize again that the smoke was a really damn good looking touch throughout animation.

Tweening was necessarily used for some scenes.. Not too hard to explain, e.g. the looking up at the sky and his hat and face moving seems out of place.

I enjoyed how you tried to make the simple background have more depth with clouds and rocks. I was hoping to see more of the pebbles around the ground like in the scene where Benjamin was laying on the ground for the near ground shots.

Good luck on Future productions.

It was very intertaining to watch.

The effects you did on your own were really cool.
You show some potential for directing.

You could use some sound editing to prevent clipping in the audio, it can be done right inside of flash as well. Just a little volume control so it's not at max all the time.
If you have music playing as well as voice acting you're going to want the music to be slightly quieter than the Voices.

And, after scrolling down and reading your negative comments since they actually can portray good feedback in a deconstructive form,... if they actually say anything.

The comment from KhawnerL is...the only example...
It would be really cool to see someone with your skills to make something from scratch!
Lots of people admire this and it will stand out more than JUST doing fanimations. don't get me wrong though, I've done some fan animations and I've seen some pure awesome fan animations out there.

Anyways, like I was saying a little bit of sound editing to give each sound it's own space and it should be good.
If you don't want your text to jitter so much try breaking it(ctrl+b twice)
you won't be able to edit the text as text after breaking it though.

Great animation, loved the effects, cliche, and sounds are too loud together..

SXR123 responds:

Ya see?! This is the kind of comment I like! THANK YOU for an honest review!

I will be working on these, and just to let you know, this movie is one of the last sprite films I'll be making.

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needs a little security coding no?

Right Click> Forward

But it is alright if it's like a school project.


but my motion sickness kicked in before I got too far.

pretty easy.

Just use my handy dandy pen tablet. And to those with no hand eye coordination, too bad for you.

Love the music and art!

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Honestly I think it takes way too much time to add in some of the additional and frankly wonderful sounds and instruments that come in later. I would say try to have some elements come in sooner and find a way to alternate your instruments so that you're not just adding them in as time goes on.
This way your listeners will get more entertainment sooner as a standalone piece.

And when you alternate your instruments between sections you could create a variance in experience, for example contrast or tension are good concepts to approach music with.

Otherwise as it stands this song is great and could be mixed in with any dance mix. Of which, if you want people to use your music in DJ mixes ever in the future, include the tempo/bpm in the description or tag- sure you can just hear the tempo or time it out but when searching for material in my experience people search for the bpm and find material quicker.

DaRealWollen responds:

Wow thanks :D I really didn't think much in this song, other than wanting to try and mimic some styles i've heard. I'll do the things you said in upcoming songs. Probably just redo this song :D thanks man.

Would be a great song if you adjusted the volume levels.
Everything is fighting for room in this mix, and it's not working out.
On top of all of that, a compressor on your Master Insert/Output would
be great for making sure absolutely nothing is clipping.

slaleky responds:

Thanks for the advice man, but there was no EQ or anything used on this, it was written with the 'authentic chiptune aesthetic' in mind, and there is a limiter on the master output, nothing is clipping if you're hearing distortion its probably just part of the sound ^.^

The progression of the song itself isn't that bad.
Most of the song is open and vacant from much of anything to listen to.
Mix in some high hats with your Kick and Snare.
Give them a little shuffle so they're not too mechanical sounding.

While your bass is loud and powerful, there's still vacant space beneath it.
I recommend finding some deep subs to play under your bass.

Some of the synths are too loud and over-ruling over the other sounds.
Some volume mixing shouldn't hurt.

As well some things like digital strings or pads could help you fill in those vacant spaces.
I could see you using pads for a climatic introduction.

Anyways, good luck!

3/5 for undecided

EnterPrize responds:

This is a old song check out the new one!

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I'm not a very loud person but I want to express that I love your style, and I want to encourage you to keep doing whatever it is you're doing because it's great!

This is

I mean, that....That is just so sick o.O
I mean, God, I love that!

What you should do

Since you're working with a low resolution, you can blend the pixels slightly. I can't explain myself very well, but it's like making your grays a tint blue in some corners so that they blend better.

Wyldbob117 responds:

A good idea, but due to the pixel limitations and the nature of the original character, this made more sense practically, if I was using a 64 bit HD skin I may have been able to follow through with that suggestion though. :)

I draw pinups, tomgirls, and the occasional smut. I make music for fun. No Requests.
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