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I'm not a very loud person but I want to express that I love your style, and I want to encourage you to keep doing whatever it is you're doing because it's great!

This is

I mean, that....That is just so sick o.O
I mean, God, I love that!

What you should do

Since you're working with a low resolution, you can blend the pixels slightly. I can't explain myself very well, but it's like making your grays a tint blue in some corners so that they blend better.

Wyldbob117 responds:

A good idea, but due to the pixel limitations and the nature of the original character, this made more sense practically, if I was using a 64 bit HD skin I may have been able to follow through with that suggestion though. :)


I think I might upload all the Minecaft skins I made as well.

Very attractive

I like the Tail and wings, but may I mention the neck looks a bit masculine the way it connects so close to the jaw.


I feel a large amount of Insanity and Calamity raising out of this piece. The colors feel like the Hues and Pallet give a rushing edge. There's allot off insight of power, but in the middle of it all, he's so calm, as if a blowing wind would be nothing against a stone wall, yet a leaf that never falls.

The senses

Lots of despair and a hint of horror is coming out of this painting. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she's pregnant isn't she?
Man, that's gotta suck.
And there's a corpse right there too.
Leaves an empty crevice in my soul...

Sevens responds:

Thank you, well that was the first to hear that one, well she isn't pregnant and the person in water is in fact alive... but to know and listen to your comment intrigues me.
With this painting and the others... I have received a wide range of comments, that motivates me to keep painting. I paint what comes to me, from my world, and the result is this- but for the viewer, it excites me to know what was triggered.


I like it.

It's a POSE

How the SHIT can you steal a pose!? If I pose like that will they come and sue my ass? Will you call me a thief if I tried to draw that pose1?
It's a pose, it's something you do with your body. Stolen porn? Hahah, that's funny seeing that everyone learns from each-other since there's no porn drawing school. It's basically made up of dick bouncing angles.

Anyways dude, here's my criticism;

The breasts are placed too high on the body. More or less the masses we call breasts are lumps on the chest that stretch with the movements of the shoulders. So they should be stretching a little bit too. Also keep in mind that breasts aren't always round like circles, they can be like squares and ovals when given the right circumstance.
Lips are placed too low on the face.
As hair descends away from the head it usually gets thinned out unless it's a good fresh cut or in the picture from the pose you used the hair is actually given depth.

Regardless I don't think you should have copied the bellybutton, it's the second most irritating part of this piece(the breasts was the most irritating)
But you've got the arms down alright cept by the pits(breasts faults again)

Just a little bit of an idea here for you. Next time you use a pose, instead of copying some of the key features, box out the figure on your paper so that it resembles the pose and then do your character with the features your character has instead of the characteristics of the pose you're doing.

It's a good practice, I still do it but on more of an extreme level( looking at the picture I'm going to try to carbon copy for 30~60 seconds and then waiting 1 minute before drawing everything I remember as much as I can)
In any case, you just gotta find something to study, challenge yourself, to get better.

Oh! Hey, here's a good practice for someone of your level. Life Drawing, it never gets old.
The 30 second drawing, or the Random pose viewer links on the side work great for practice.

I'm going to go look at your more recent art, I do understand that this is old.
4/5 7/10

Sysica responds:

I'm sorry I never got to say this.. It slipped my mind. Thank you so much for your review. Its helpful and informative. This is a very old picture for me.. but its still good to get the opinion.


YAAAAAAAAAAY FRECKLES!! you draw them so well, you draw boobs pretty well too!
congrats, I love when people draw freckles!!

I draw pinups, tomgirls, and the occasional smut. I make music for fun. No Requests.
(This account is stupid old & you can find stupid old edgy stuff on it. Go easy on me.)

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