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2017-04-04 15:55:52 by RawGreen

I used to be very passionate about animation. Animation still comes back to me once in a while but never as strong as the passion I once had for it. I still love creating music and now I've actually even gotten into drawing pinups. 

Either way I'll probably always be passionate about creating. Since I live in a small room I don't mess around much with creating in the physical world but rather the digital medium.


When I do finally get around to animation I think that newgrounds might be the best place for it.

[Music Requests Closed] Closed on 02/21/2015

2015-02-06 15:18:39 by RawGreen

Edit: no requests recieved. I don't see myself opening requests anytime soon just because nobody requested anything.

Tell me what you'd like to hear from me!
It could be generic, or totally off the wall,
I'll gladly give your music idea or request a try~

I have some exprienced with these Genres;

  • Rock
  • Symphonic
  • Electro

But I'm down for trying out others as well.

Just leave a comment with your idea and I'll see if I can create anything with it.


I'm going to be hosting these Open Music Requests every month or two for one to two weeks each, depending on how this one works out, as this is the first one.

The music I make from your requests will be released under the same license that NewGrounds uses for it's audio portal, if you are unfamiliar with it, you can view it here;


2014-05-25 17:10:20 by RawGreen

Bored status is Bored.

I was going to clean up all my music off of newgrounds and just leave my best works on. However, it's a bit tedious to do this week, so I'm going to come back to do it some other time when I have more time available. So sometime in early October most of my early works are going to vanish off of here.

I'm going to try to keep my public music top notch.
This way people who find interest in my music wont be bombarded by the shit-stain of old unwanted music.
It's kind of an embarrassment.

The Dudebrothers

2013-02-25 16:31:40 by RawGreen

We're a new band consisting of 2 members.
Armed with FLStudio and a case of Milwaukee's Best, we're getting loaded to make some awesome beats for everyone out there who likes a variety in electronic music. We're working hard to get our first few tracks out there, everything good comes in good times.

Soundcloud Group Page

I found what it takes.

2013-01-15 04:02:41 by RawGreen

Just do what comes natural to you.

If it's not natural to you, find some information or techniques you can generalize with and build off them.

Killa mentioned I don't use subs very often, going to make a song for him with lotsa subs now ;o

What does it Take!?

2012-02-04 23:45:39 by RawGreen

I want to become better at music but no matter how hard I try all these negative feelings are put on me.

What does it take to become better if learning how to make good music isn't good enough?

My Goal

2012-02-04 23:15:47 by RawGreen

I'm going to try to get a super high level and bam ability, then I'm going to go around rating 0 on everyone's songs.

now where's the sarcastic emoticon?


2011-07-03 01:24:28 by RawGreen

If you need criticism and my attention to a specific piece of music. Feel free to leave a pm with a link to the track you want critiques on.
I'm always willing to help new musicians as well as old ones as much as I can. And I wont mind hearing and rating your music either.

am I bored much?

Shouting out

2011-06-13 16:35:42 by RawGreen

Hey, Hoe, Let's GOE!