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I'm going to disappear for a while.

2013-09-25 12:24:21 by RawGreen

I was going to clean up all my music off of newgrounds and just leave my best works on. However, it's a bit tedious to do this week, so I'm going to come back to do it some other time when I have more time available. So sometime in early October most of my early works are going to vanish off of here.

I'm going to try to keep my public music top notch.
This way people who find interest in my music wont be bombarded by the shit-stain of old unwanted music.
It's kind of an embarrassment.


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2013-09-25 14:52:36

Goodbye than


2013-10-01 11:11:38

I always think it's a shame when people clear out tracks they believe others won't like. Your listeneres might like stuff you don't; they might find use for tracks in Flashes you wouldn't expect would be used! Hope you keep most stuff up.

RawGreen responds:

Hmmm, this makes a lot of sense.
And I do feel disappointed when artists I like here on NG remove their old works, it's sorta like an archive to see how they evolved over time. I'll just leave the old stuff around and continue to release even some of the music I'm not 100% sure about.

Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it!


2013-10-08 01:23:46

Awesome, glad to hear it! :D