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I found what it takes.

2013-01-15 04:02:41 by RawGreen

Just do what comes natural to you.

If it's not natural to you, find some information or techniques you can generalize with and build off them.

Killa mentioned I don't use subs very often, going to make a song for him with lotsa subs now ;o


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2013-01-15 05:42:39

You are somewhat correct. We wouldn't feel comfortable with anything when we were first starting. When we learn things, we aren't comfortable with it. Only when we learn it are we ok with it. I know this for a fact.

RawGreen responds:

Well yeah, I've been dabbling with music for about 11 years now. Some years more serious than others, and not everything I make is profitable.
After all that time I "just" learned to go with your own flow.
I'm anything but a slow learner, but it seems it takes lots of time for me to find things out on my own.